Bronte by Moon St. Davids Throw Burgundy

$ 249.00


Made in Great Britain

  • Material: Merino Wool
  • Weight: 700g
  • Dimensions: 185 x 140 cm

Bronte by Moon, established in 1837 by Abraham Moon & Sons, is heralded as a prestigious brand specialising in high-quality woollen accessories. With its roots deeply entrenched in the British textile tradition, this English brand has garnered global recognition from its historic vertical woollen mill in Guiseley, Yorkshire. Renowned for exceptional craftsmanship and innovative design, Bronte by Moon excels in producing and supplying premium fabrics and woollen products worldwide.

The transition from a local fabric producer to an internationally renowned luxury brand marks Bronte by Moon’s dedication to quality and innovation. Being the last fully vertical mill in England allows the brand to meticulously oversee every production stage, guaranteeing unmatched quality across its diverse range of woollen throws, cushions, and accessories.

Historical milestones, such as supporting the British army during the First World War and transitioning to the luxury market, epitomise the brand’s dynamic evolution and commitment to sustainability. Bronte by Moon represents timeless British design, skillfully blending traditional and contemporary styles while advocating for eco-friendly practices and community engagement.

With an unwavering commitment to design excellence and sustainability, Bronte by Moon stands out in the textile industry. It offers ethically produced, exquisite products that reflect the rich tapestry of British heritage.

Bronte by Moon’s story is one of legacy, craftsmanship, and quality, symbolising a heritage that intersects with modern luxury in every piece they create.

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