Simply Pink

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Author Paula Pryke


Paula Pryke’s signature colour is pink, and this book showcases the very best of her fabulous floral arrangements using this most popular of shades. Such is the demand for pink that new varieties of flowers are constantly being produced for the cut flower market.

In Simply Pink Paula uses both the very latest introductions and old favourites to create an array of stunning designs that demonstrate just why she is one of the leading florists working today. The use of flowers in the home illustrates the mood-enhancing powers of colour, and a floral display is the simplest way of changing the atmosphere of an interior. The palest of pink creates a feeling of calm and serenity, while hot colours like bright pink usually stand out and demand more attention than cooler shades like lilac. Simply Pink details the fundamental use of pink in floral arrangements, whether it is using it repetitively, in abundance of shades or simply as an understatement of interior chic.

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